Application for Endorsement

An application for IUPAC Endorsement (program previously known as IUPAC Sponsorship) must be made preferably 2 years and at least 12 months before the Conference. Normally, the Plenary and Invited lectures are published in the Union's journal Pure and Applied Chemistry. Completing an Application for IUPAC Endorsement (AIE) is the first step in the application process. After receipt of the AIE at the Secretariat, it is reviewed by appropriate officers of the Union and a decision is made as to granting of Endorsement.

The granting of endorsement by IUPAC is judged on the following criteria:

  1. scientific quality
  2. significance of conference
  3. suitability of conference
  4. evidence of sufficient advanced planning
  5. suitable time spacing of conferences of a similar type
  6. rotation of leadership for conferences in a series or of a similar type
  7. geographically diverse International Advisory Board
  8. participation of industrial chemists and women as speakers and as members of the International Advisory Board

In general, IUPAC-endorsed conferences should be international in the sense that they are intended to attract participants from anywhere in the world. Conferences that are mainly regional in nature may be eligible if IUPAC endorsement would help attract a more international audience.

Please see our Visa Statement for important information.

  1. An AIE can be downloaded as Word files, doc (Word versions prior to 2007) and docx (Word versions following 2007).

  2. The completed AIE can be submitted to the IUPAC Secretariat at preferably by email.

(page last revised 30 Sep 2015)