An integrating approach for developing countries

Chapter V - Drug Synthesis

Exercise V.1 - Synthesis of Sulfasalazine   [download pdf file - 29KB]

Exercise V.2 - Synthesis of a Sulfanilamide Derivative   [download pdf file - 271KB]

Exercise V.3 - Latentiation of Sulfathiazole   [download pdf file - 42KB]

Exercise V.4 - Synthesis of Propanolol   [download pdf file - 85KB] Exercise V.5 - Benzodiazepines - Part I. Isolation and Identification in Commercial Drugs   [download pdf file - 62KB]

Exercise V.6 - Benzodiazepines - Part II. Quantification of the Active Substance in Commercial Drugs   [download pdf file - 33KB]

Exercise V.7 - Amino Acids in the Synthesis of Triazinoquinazolinones   [download pdf file - 87KB]

Exercise V.8 - New and Convenient Synthesis of Raloxifene   [download pdf file - 112KB]

Exercise V.9 - Antihistamines   [download pdf file - 35KB]

Exercise V.10 - Analgesics, Anti-Inflammatories, and Antipyretics   [download pdf file - 39KB]

Exercise V.11 - Synthesis, Lipophilicity Determination, and QSAR Study of Chalcones and Analogs with Antitumoral Activity   [download pdf file - 48KB]