Evaluation Committee (EvC)


Following its meeting in Jan 2002, the Committee has completed the preparation of a document entitled 'Information for Task Group Chairmen'.

Subcommittees and Commissions


Minutes of Meetings

Terms of Reference

  • (i) To determine the appropriate criteria for retrospective evaluation of each project.
  • (ii) To evaluate all projects for conformance to plan.
  • (iii) To evaluate the impact of projects on the relevant chemical community.
  • (iv) To report to the Bureau, in writing, annually on the results of the evaluations done.
  • (v) To inform, after discussion in the Bureau, the National Adhering Organizations of the completed evaluations.

Composition and Terms of Office

  • (i) There shall be an Evaluation Committee composed of five Members of the Bureau.
  • (ii) The President, in consultation with the Executive Committee, shall appoint the members and designate one of them as chairman.
  • (iii) The period of service of the members shall be two years.
  • (iv) The Executive Director shall act as Secretary for the Committee.