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Compendium of Macromolecular Nomenclature

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The IUPAC Commissionon Macromolecular Nomenclature is the leading nomenclature bodyin the polymer field. It produced a series of rules and definitionsthat has shaped modern nomenclature and placed it on a systematic basis.More recently, the Commission has developed sets of definitions formany of the basis terms dealing with polymer molecules, assemblies ofpolymer molecules, polymer solutions, and polymers crystals. It continuesto work to develop definitions of terms relating to polymer melts andsolids, and polymerization reactions. The commission is also extendingexisting nomenclature to more complicated cases, such as irregular polymers,cross-linked polymers, double-strand polymers, interpenetrating networks,and multicomponent polymer systems.

This Compendium is a compilation of the IUPAC recommendations on macromolecularnomenclature which provides definitions of terms relating to polymersand rules for naming polymers based on structure or source. An introductionto macromolecular nomenclature and bibliography of biopolymer-relatednomenclature recommendations are also included. The IUPAC-approved terminologyand nomenclature, by providing standardized descriptions of the materialsand processes for polymer science and technology, are intended to improvedcommunication in the scientific community.


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- Preface - History of the Commission on macromolecular nomenclature >supersededby Norbert Bikales, Bob Fox and Bill Work, 2000- Membership of the commission on macromolecular nomenclature - Introduction to macromolecular nomenclature


  • Basic definitions of terms relating to polymer (1974) >supersededby IUPAC Recommendations 1996, Pure Appl. Chem., Vol. 68, No.12,pp. 2287-2311, 1996
  • Stereochemical definitionsand notations relating to polymers (1980) [pdf file - 331KB]
  • Definitions of terms relatingto individual macromolecules, their assemblies, and dilute polymersolutions (1988) [pdf file - 375KB]
  • Definitions of terms relatingto crystalline polymers (1988) [pdf file - 112KB]NOMENCLATURE
  • Nomenclature of regular single-strandorganic polymers (1975) [pdf file - 523KB]
  • Nomenclature of regular single-strandand quasi-single-strand inorganic and coordination polymers (1984)[pdf file - 501KB]
  • Source-based nomenclature forcopolymers (1985) [pdf file - 94KB]
  • A classification of linearsingle-strand polymers (1988) [pdf file - 169KB]
  • Use of abbreviations for namesof polymeric substances (1986) [pdf file - 18KB]APPENDIX [pdf file - 54KB]Bibliography of biopolymer-related IUPAC-IUBNomenclature recommendationsINDEX
  • A second edition is currently in preparation,which will include some of the most recent IUPAC Recommendationsprepared by the Commission. >See correspondingproject

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