Educational resources

The online newsletter of the Committee on Chemistry Education presents reports, facts and figures, as well as opinions and essays.

This collection of presentations provides educators with materials for teaching and learning the fundamentals of toxicology. Educators should select those materials appropriate for their own local requirements and supplement them with examples relevant to their students.

This extensive series of educational illustrations gives science and chemistry teachers a practical working tool to present diagrams and situations which are complicated to draw. Other more entertaining drawings can also be used to present a particular fact or concept, in the hope that visual imagery will permit the concepts to be more easily understood.

Practical work is an integral part of science education. A joint UNESCO/IUPAC project aims to introduce teachers to the advantage of performing chemistry experiments on a small scale. Teachers' Guide & Students Worksheets are made available via the UNESCO Global Microscience Project.

Periodic Table of the Elements

Link to the IUPAC table in a printable (letter size) format, and snap-shot of the time of discovery.

This collection of 41 laboratory exercises is representative of the field of Medicinal Chemistry. The exercises are easy to reproduce and in many cases interdisciplinary. Some of them consider natural products as the work material.