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Pure Appl. Chem., 2003, Vol. 75, No. 6, pp. 801-858


Critical review of analytical applications of Mössbauer spectroscopy illustrated by mineralogical and geological examples (IUPAC Technical Report)

E. Kuzmann*, S. Nagy and A. Vértes

Abstract: We have developed a new terminology for Mössbauer pattern analysis in order to enhance the performance of qualitative analysis by Mössbauer spectroscopy. In this approach, Mössbauer parameters are considered as a function of a number of externally adjusted experimental parameters at which the spectrum has been recorded. The basis of analytical classification is the microenvironment, which is determined by an assembly of atoms causing the same hyperfine interactions at one particular class of the Mössbauer probe atoms.Since Mössbauer spectroscopy measures hyperfine interactions very sensitively, the microenvironment presents itself as a fundamental concept for analytical purposes. Our approach can also help to systematize the Mössbauer data for the identification of individual physicochemical species from the corresponding patterns present in the spectrum.